To make your marketing actions successful,
team up with the promotional logistics specialist!

Our trades

  • Condition of goods and trailer are
  • Unit countings for valuable items
  • Driver reception offices.
  • Control and management of traceability
  • Management of defective items (quarantine).
  • Management of returned shipments.
  • In real time entry into stock.
  • Several kind of storage for your items (racks, lockers,
  • dedicated areas, restricted areas, mass areas…)
  • IT management of traceability.
  • Segregation of products according to their characteristics.
  • Optimization according to FEFO, FIFO, started pallets (possibility of other criterias according to customer’s needs).
  • Qualified staff with annually trained to promotional logistics specificities.
  • Production tools leading to a high quality of service.
  • Packaging that suits your needs.
  • Operations validated by customer, commercial department or quality department.
  • Regular quality checks.
  • Our tranporters are referenced by FDB and adapted to each kind of shipment : « classic » shipping service, express,chartering, single parcels, postal shipments.à France & international
  • Transport tracking in real time.


  • Dedicated and attentive commercial units.
  • Dispute management.
  • Transport reporting and follow-up.
  • Everywhere in France
  • Directly managed by FDB