To make your marketing actions successful,
team up with the promotional logistics specialist!

Presentation of our information system interactions

Real-time extranet:
  • User access control
  • Stock management (new articles, stock visualization…)
  • Putting in and following up orders
  • Figures

  • New articles (with many possible features)
  • Photo management
  • Putting in orders (normal, express and combined)
  • Publishing figures
  • Managing sales forces through quotas (data profiles, validation circuits, individual login or password for each user).
A complete upgradable system which can be adapted to each client:
  • Stock management
  • Storeflow 
  • Production management
  • Transport management

Some functionalities:
  • Photo management
  • Product traceability
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Figures provided on request
  • E-mail warnings management (thresholds, reception…).